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Мы делимся своими знаниями и идеями с рядом компаний, которые стремятся к более полному представлению о мире золота и которые стремятся развивать коммерчески продукты и услуги на мировом рынке.

Kerr LAB Company

Our partner for the import of jewelry tools is "Kerr" company .


Maileffer Company

Our partner for the import of jewelry tools is "Maillefer" company .

Gold Star Powders (GSP)

GSP, with its sister companies, is now the largest manufacturer of Investment Casting Powder in the world, producing over 30,000 tonnes worldwide per year; this equates to 1.5 million sacks (22.7 kg) of investment powders.


Pandora Company

Pandora is a company at the forefront of the field and offers a range of services that includes technical consultancies for the best use of our alloys, goldsmith tools and consumables.

EVE Ernst Vetter GmbH

EVE Ernst Vetter GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of rotating grinding and polishing instruments for the dental, jewellery, cosmetic and industrial branches..



DALLOZ INDUSTRIE LAPIDAIRE is one of the world leaders in the industry of machine cut Cubic Zirconia, Synthetic stones and Marcassite.


Vallorbe Swiss

A billion users in about a hundred countries claim that you can tell a vallorbe tool by its bite, whether it be a file, rasp, riffler or engraver's graver. This "physical bite" results from the "psychological bite" that can be felt in all our activities, from the metallographic analysis of the raw material to the distribution of the end product.